Time:9:00AM – 11:00AM March. 30 (Friday), 2018
Location:Sciencebuilding 502-2
Topic: A Glance of Identity-Based Encryption and Attribute-Based Encryption
Presenter: Professor Yi Mu

[abstract]: Attribute-based encryption has exhibited many useful applications.The richness of constructions of attribute-based encryption has made it one offocuses in cryptographic research. In this talk, we will walk through the basicconcepts and development of attribute-based encryption; in particular, we willdiscuss the issues and solutions relating to storage and computationefficiency. Some useful examples will be revisited to show how efficiency canbe achieved.

Professor Yi Mu received his PhD from the Australian NationalUniversity in 1994. He is currently a full professor at University ofWollongong, Australia. He was the Head of School of Computer Science andSoftware Engineering at University of Wollongong (UOW) during 2011-2015. Hiscurrent research interest includes cryptography, information security andquantum cryptography. He has published over 450 research papers, including over180 journal papers and many papers at top-tiercryptography and security conferences such as Crypto, Eurocrypt, Asiacrypt,PKC, FSE, CT-RSA, ESORIS, etc. He has served as program chair and member ofprogram committee over 200 conferences including ACM CCS, ESORICS, ACISP,AisaCCS, etc. Professor Yi Mu is the editor-in-chief of International Journalof Applied Cryptography and serves as associate editor for several otherinternational journals. He is a senior member of the IEEE. Further informationabout Professor Mu can be found at http://www.uow.edu.au/~ymu.